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Infraslow Fluctuation (ISF) Neurofeedback

How is ISF Different Than Other Neurofeedback?

The distinctive impact of ISF neurofeedback resides in the training of the “ISF band” which is below 1 Hertz. The physiological changes and regulation of the autonomic nervous system that we see in ISF training occur simply because those are the functions that are coordinated by that band. ISF is considered an ‘organizing’ rhythm; promoting fluid and timely brain function. In concept, when we train the ISF signal, we are supporting clients in their ability to globally regulate their systems.

1ISF Bipolar: In ISF bipolar training, the “frequency” is reinforced differently from traditional neurofeedback. Because the ISF is slow, it doesn’t oscillate the same way that Delta to Gamma do. Training the ISF band by providing feedback as a ‘mirror’ of the ISF wave form – without augmenting or inhibiting amplitude – is the effective method. It is analogous to a room full of tuning forks simultaneously starting to vibrate when one tuning fork is struck. Similarly, the nervous system attempts to synchronize with the movement of the ISF range reflected in the audible tone the client hears from the speakers. By training that “organizing rhythm” we support the client in regulating their autonomic responses which produce the physiological changes associated with ISF training.

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